Anthem Carriers

Anthem Cider

We provide graphic design and creative support to Wandering Aengus Ciderworks for the Anthem hard cider brand. Our graphic design and creative services are used to support the marketing efforts of Anthem in the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in working with natural food and beverage brands to create and produce packaging like this 4-pack carrier pack for 12oz bottles.

Anthem Cans

Wandering Aengus Ciderworks (WAC) is based in Corvallis uses over 20 cider apple varietals to make their ciders. They’re dedication to craft is bare-none. WAC desired to expand beyond just offering their cider in a glass. They wanted to sell one of their delicious brews in cans – a rarity in the cider world. We designed the label art and carrier pack art for them in the past, and brought this aesthetic over to the new aluminum form factor. Now when you go into your local grocery store you can get the Anthem Cider’s same great taste, but in a brand new can.