Fiber Project Launch Party

The Miner building was one of the first buildings in Downtown Eugene to get hooked up to the open access fiber optic network that EUGnet has worked so hard to supply. At the Fiber Project Launch Party we celebrated, as EUGnet moves forward with its plan to construct the publicly owned fiber optic network that will connect over 120 buildings in Downtown Eugene to world-class Internet. The fiber optic cables that run through our building are capable of supplying incredibly fast Internet speeds. The fiber Internet in Downtown Eugene now has the capability of operating at speeds of up to 10 Gbps. This kind of Internet speed is so fast that someone could download all of The Beatles’ albums in less than 12 seconds.

At the celebration, they marked the historic moment in our building’s newly renovated lobby. 

Working with these kinds of Internet speeds enables us to be a more productive agency. While we may not have some of the staffing that other big name agencies in San Francisco and Seattle have, we are still turning out comparable amounts of work as those agencies. Revolution Design Group is first and foremost a creative design agency. Every day we work in programs and with files that require a great deal of Internet bandwidth. Being able to download 1 Gbps vs. 18.2 Mbps allows us to download the files we need to work on and to complete our projects faster. This enables us to keep our project timelines down and to deliver finished projects to our clients efficiently and effectively.

When considering whether or not to make The Miner Building our home, the new Fiber Internet speed was one of the features that won us over. Having access to this Internet has enabled us to not only produce quality work more efficiently, but to collaborate with our neighbors at Attic Media and Prevedello & Hettick Marketing more. This collaboration has allowed us to provide our clients with access to comprehensive marketing and design solutions. From design, video production editing, media buying, and advertising services, the sixth floor of The Miner Building offers it all. With each of our agencies working from the same world-class Internet, our productivity is high, our collaborative relationships are strong, and our clients’ businesses are growing.

We’re thankful to be a part of these exciting steps our city is taking to make Eugene a technology hub. Working with organizations like The Technology Association of Oregon in the Southern Willamette Valley and our new neighbors XS Media, has been exciting to say the least. We can’t wait to see how EUGnet’s efforts will help our city grow.


Event Advertising - The Mckenzie Cider and Craft Brew Festival

Every year we work with an organization that focuses on giving back to the community. We’re lucky enough to live in an area that has a reputation for good beer, so it only made sense to get involved with an event that combined a few of our favorite things: good beer, good causes, and good people.

What: The Mckenzie Cider and Craft Brew Festival
Where: Springfield, Oregon
When: Every November
Who: The Springfield Rotary Club
Why: To donate to Charity 

The Mckenzie Cider and Craft Brew Festival event brought in 15 percent more attendees this year than it did last year, allowing them to support more charitable causes. Due to the increase in attendees this year, the Springfield Rotary Club was able to give 25,000 dollars to the Willamalane Foundation and to the Gateway High School “Tiny House” project. Throughout our advertising efforts they gained 14 percent more likes, gaining recognition and credibility for their event’s name. 

We started working on their social media campaign a couple of months before the brewfest, allowing enough time for their social media to generate buzz about the event. We used social media as a platform to inform people about the event. We used targeted ads to reach the people that mattered most. By identifying beer related interests and choosing to put the advertising dollars towards people who live in our area, we were able to make the advertising budget go much further than if we had just mass marketed to everyone in Eugene.

We also used Social Media to get the most advertising impressions possible. With so many other  beer festivals going on around the same time, we knew we had to make this one stand out. One of our tactics was to effectively get their name out through interesting content on Social Media that people would share. We curated content that would be appealing to the average brew festival goer so that they would, in turn, share our content with their friends. This allowed others, who didn’t follow The Mckenzie Cider and Craft Brew Festival’s social media account to event hear the festival’s name. This brand recognition allowed the festival to become a name that people recognized and in turn become a more favorable option when people were deciding which brew festival event to attend. 

If you’d like to learn more about how we used social media as a promotional tool, feel free to ask us. We’d love to work with you on promoting your business or upcoming event.

Online Advertising - The Pearl Day Spa


We ran Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend campaigns for our social media clients. The Pearl Day spa runs a 20% off special every Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. Looking at our data from last year, we could see that those who were on The Pearl Day Spa’s email list shopped more often for the gift card deal, but we also saw that those who saw an ad on Facebook for the special spent more money per purchase. With this data to guide us, we devised a plan that would help us target both of these audiences and help The Pearl Day Spa increase their revenue this year.

After implementing our campaigns, we monitored our ads and made a final evaluation at the weekend's end. Our numbers concluded that The Pearl Day Spa had beat their last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales by over 40 percent. This is a 564% increase in sales since we started running Black Friday and Cyber Monday Advertising for them four years ago. 

What all did we see this year? 

  • An increase in the number of gift cards sold
  • An increase in number of customers
  • More money spent per gift card purchase 
  • Even distribution of spending across Social Media and Email customers

As a retailer or small business owner you’re competing with many other small businesses to gain the attention, and ultimately the holiday spending budget, of your customers. There are several different advertising avenues you could go down to effectively reach your target audiences, we work in channels where we see the best results: Social Media and Email.

Why do we use online marketing? 

  • Proven effectiveness
  • It’s where people spend their time online
  • Target specific audiences
  • Real-time components that allow us to monitor campaigns progress

These features allow us to create effective campaigns and manage their success. They also provide great data for us to analyze during and after our ads have run. The ability to see how our ads are performing in real time is essential to making all of our marketing efforts successful. 

We also implemented a layering strategy in order to hit our audiences harder when we knew we would have a hard time cutting through all of the noise that other retailers would be making on the Holiday Weekend. Working within the budget we had our Graphic Designer come up with an “Eye Spy” theme to utilize throughout the campaign. Designing and staging our shots from a “top-down” perspective allowed us to bring in elements of the holidays and of the spa, while simultaneously keeping it on trend. Each campaign was also tracked with a pixel that allows us to create a list of who’s clicking through each ad and then purchasing from our client’s websites. This allows us to use the customers on this list as an audience base for our clients future advertising.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Weekend Ads

If you’d like to learn more about holiday advertising, click on the link here.

Welcome to Our New Home

After much anticipation, we have finally moved into our new office space!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for supporting our business over the last six of years. We’ve gone from operating out of a 6'x6' breakfast nook to finally having a spacious and permanent home on the sixth floor of the Miner Building. While moving into our new space at the beginning of this month, it dawned on us that it was only fitting that we finally moved in during a month centered around thankfulness. As we put the finishing details on our space, we can’t help but think about how grateful we are for the opportunity to work with all of our amazing clients and staff. It’s people like you that have made this dream, and space, a reality.


Each year, Revolution Design Group has grown by over 30 percent and 2016 has been no exception. We hired a full-time Designer and a full-time Digital Marketing Specialist to help us keep up with our ever-growing workload. We’re making waves by turning traditional advertising on its head, and we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. After realizing how far we’ve come and how far we still want to go, we knew that we needed a space that would be reflective of Revolution Design Group's future.

With what seemed to be a stroke of good luck and great timing, we discovered that The Miner Building, one of the oldest buildings in Eugene, was getting ready to undergo a serious renovation. After speaking with Tim Campbell, of Campbell Commercial Real Estate, and learning about what the investment group was planning to do with the building, we became set on becoming a part of this building's future. Soon after, we got to work on figuring out how we were going to call this place ours.

In late 2015, the renovations for our new home began. We spent a lot of time planning exactly how we wanted our new space to look and no detail was left up to chance. We owe a huge "thank you!" to Pivot Architecture who helped us designed our space. Their expertise was essential in helping us make sure that our space was going to reflect exactly what we wanted and needed as a company. We owe another huge "thank you!" to Ordell Construction and their subcontractors for their tireless work in renovating a 95 year old building. From the yellow accent walls to the faux edison light bulbs placed in every light fixture, they helped us put together the exact home we had envisioned.

After nearly a year of renovations, the wait was finally over. As of November 1, our new office space is complete and we are proud to announce that we have moved in. It feels great to finally be in a place that we can truly call our own. So, make sure to come on by and see our new place for yourself. We would be more than happy to give you the grand tour of Revolution Design Group and treat you to the excellent view from the 6th floor.

How to Effectively Advertise During the Holidays


The holidays are the busiest time of year for us at Revolution Design Group and we’re positive that they’re a busy time for you too. With the nature of our work being focused on creative strategy, branding, graphic design, websites, and digital marketing tasks, we always seem to have a full plate around the holidays.

Social media and online advertising can be a rather effective way of reaching your customer base during the holidays. Advertisers know this, spending lots of time and money for ads that run throughout the holiday season. So when all of the social media channels are being flooded with thousands of different marketing campaigns, how do you cut through all of the noise other advertisers are making?

We’ve put together a list of our tips for making sure that your marketing efforts are more effective this holiday season.

1. Plan Ahead.

Make a plan for your holiday advertising ahead of time. It just saves everyone a lot of headaches in the long run. Being able to have the time to think critically about what you’re trying to achieve, and then executing it in an unrushed manner, is the way to go.

We start putting together each client’s holiday advertising plan with creative campaign ideas at the beginning of October. After client feedback and approval, we handle the implementation, setup, and execution of the agreed upon plan.

2. Use Last Year’s Data to Inform This Year’s Plan.

Figuring out what did or didn’t work for you last year is crucial. We can use social media, websites and digital advertising analytics to help you determine your best target audiences. This way your campaigns will effectively reach the people that matter. Being able to look back and see what time your audiences were most responsive, or what type of ads did best with which audience is marketing gold. This data is tailored specifically to inform you about your clients and your advertising efforts. 

Only you have access to this information. So being able to find the right times, types of ads, and audiences to utilize in all of this year's campaigns give you the upper hand over your competitors.

3. Create an Easy Path to Sales.

Imagine with me a post-apocalyptic world where there are shopping carts everywhere. There are no people around, just half full shopping carts that never made it to the checkout line.

This is what a lot of websites would look like visually in the real world.

Lots of small businesses’ sales fall short year-round because they don't take advantage of providing a hassle-free e-commerce system. The Neilsen Norman Group found that the average internet user will leave a web page within 10-20 seconds of getting there. If you don’t make it easy for your customers to find what they were looking for, then they’ll just end up leaving your website empty handed. We can help you prepare your website for the best shopping experience possible, or we can also build you a reliable website shop in several different secure platforms.

“To gain several minutes of user attention, you must clearly communicate your value proposition within 10 seconds.” -- Neilsen Norman Group.

4. Make Your Ads Visually Appealing, but not Overwhelming.

It’s easy to go with the green and red themes when it comes to the holiday season. It’s recognizable, to say the least, but you must fight the urge as a designer. Red, white, green, and blue might be some of the first couple of colors you think of when it comes to the holiday season. That’s the thing, though, if it’s the first thing that comes to YOUR mind then it’s probably one of the first things to comes to the mind of your competitors. 

Get creative and embrace a design scheme that’s recognizable to your business and isn’t too complicated. The colors, text, and the creatives  of your campaign should be unique to your brand and story that your company loves to tell.

5. Know Your Audience.

No mass marketing. Period.

Analytics has also been one of the biggest advancements in recent technology. Not only do we have tons of data to work with, but we now know how to interpret this data to find the valuable insights we need for successful sales and advertising campaigns.

 You’re going to want to do your research and really know who your client’s customers are. The more you know about them as people the better you’re going to be at targeting them. That’s why getting to know who your client’s customers are and what they like is essential to cooking up a great holiday marketing plan.

6. Mix Up Your Design Elements, But Also Keep Them Cohesive.

Embrace the idea of having several different elements in your design scheme.

These, even slight changes, will allow for your audience to avoid what we call “the burnout effect.”

Nobody likes to eat the same thing for every single meal, no matter how much they love their favorite food. This concept sums up exactly how people feel when they see the same ad over and over again. No matter how much they love your business, they're not likely to love being spoon fed the same advertising efforts throughout the holiday season. 

Making all of your different marketing efforts (emailers, Facebook graphics, and website graphics) work together is a great way to make sure your customers know where they’re getting their information. This helps you stay on brand, while also making you interesting to listen to. 

In Conclusion…

It’s not too late to create an advertising campaign for your 2016 holiday sales. With new targeting capabilities and improved features in digital advertising, we can reach your customers at a fraction of the cost of other traditional media channels. Reach out to us if you would like to learn more about what we can do for you this holiday season.

Experience Oregon Website

Since 1991, Experience Oregon has been providing transportation services to the people of Oregon and beyond. Over the years, they’ve become well known for their day trips and tour services, with upwards of 100+ tours to choose from every year. With a large fleet that drives to varies destinations every day, you’ve likely seen one of their coaches somewhere around town. Their hiring process is quite extensive and they provide additional, extremely thorough training to all of their drivers, ensuring each is a master at the helm of any charter bus. Experience Oregon’s list of charter services includes providing transportation for schools, sports teams, corporate events, private group events, and more. Each time you travel with Experience Oregon, you're guaranteed to leave having experienced quality customer service and reliable transportation.

Our goals for the Experience Oregon website were to:

  • Build a responsive website that they would be able to update and maintain themselves
  • Design a professional website that catered to their charter customers, but did not stifle EO's adventurous spirit
  • Improve the website's navigation, making it easy and intuitive for visitors to find the information that matters most to them
  • Provide a streamlined online reservation system, minimizing the number of follow-up calls and the amount of paperwork
  • Make a landing page for them to drive more traffic to their charter services

The first step was simple; we took the text from embedded images on their existing website and typed it out. Using live text the is only viable way to create a responsive website. More importantly, live text is readable by search engines. This simple change drastically improves the website’s SEO.

Our designer developed a look that showcases the adventures that EO offers, as well as captures the peace of mind someone feels when they know they’re traveling with a reliable service. After defining the concept and getting it approved by the client, the design team got to work crafting the individual pages that would make up the website. Using terrain maps and photos of scenic destinations as design elements helps establish the adventurous aesthetic that Experience Oregon had wanted. Using a consistent color theme and clear hierarchy of information keeps the website looking professional and makes it easy to navigate through.

Soon after, the designs were passed over to our web developer. Using Squarespace to provide the framework, he overhauled a template to match the designs and placed all the content. The platform allows us to do an impressive amount of customization that other platforms just don't support. Beyond providing a secure framework, Squarespace's backend interface makes it easy for Experience Oregon to use and maintain their site after we launched it. 

We flushed out one of the more lacking sections on EO's old website: Charter Services. As one of the biggest revenue sources for the company, the new professional look and dedicated information allows them to more effectively call attention to their charter services and drive further growth in the business. Right after we launched the new website, Experience Oregon saw that they were gaining more inquiries and clients for the charter section of their business.

Before we redid the website, you had to call to make a reservation or even to make an inquiry about what services they offered. In this day and age that's a major turnoff for many on the internet, particularly new customers. We added pages to the website on which customers can fill out an inquiry or reservation forms online. This allows EO staff members to respond to inquiries from customers more quickly and efficiently, saving them a lot of paper and time. In addition, it makes it much easier for customers to sign up for an Experience Oregon service.

We would like to thank Experience Oregon for the opportunity to showcase their wonderful company to all of Oregon’s travelers. We look forward to seeing where they end up in the future.

Salem Oregon Department of Agriculture Conference

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Full Service Clients

Comprehensive Brand Management

Managing a business and its brands isn’t easy.  It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture or your brand’s message. Traditionally, creative work has been outsourced to separate firms or developed internally. This segmentation makes it difficult to deliver a cohesive brand experience. The solution is to develop a high trust, strategic partnership with an agency that can offer a comprehensive approach to marketing, under one roof.

Our company culture is driven by our values of Integrity, Dedication, Collaboration, and Growth.  We believe those values are the core of a successful strategic partnership that keeps your brand from getting lost in translation.  Since everything is in one place, your brand and messaging can be implemented cohesively and rapidly across all channels. This eliminates the brand-dilution that often plagues multi-agency marketing efforts while providing unmatched responsiveness.

Why Go Full Service?

Our clients’ top reasons for going full service:

    Zero employee costs to you.
    Fresh People, Fresh Ideas.
    Branded in every channel.
    No politics, just deliverables.

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