Online Advertising - The Pearl Day Spa


We ran Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend campaigns for our social media clients. The Pearl Day spa runs a 20% off special every Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. Looking at our data from last year, we could see that those who were on The Pearl Day Spa’s email list shopped more often for the gift card deal, but we also saw that those who saw an ad on Facebook for the special spent more money per purchase. With this data to guide us, we devised a plan that would help us target both of these audiences and help The Pearl Day Spa increase their revenue this year.

After implementing our campaigns, we monitored our ads and made a final evaluation at the weekend's end. Our numbers concluded that The Pearl Day Spa had beat their last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales by over 40 percent. This is a 564% increase in sales since we started running Black Friday and Cyber Monday Advertising for them four years ago. 

What all did we see this year? 

  • An increase in the number of gift cards sold
  • An increase in number of customers
  • More money spent per gift card purchase 
  • Even distribution of spending across Social Media and Email customers

As a retailer or small business owner you’re competing with many other small businesses to gain the attention, and ultimately the holiday spending budget, of your customers. There are several different advertising avenues you could go down to effectively reach your target audiences, we work in channels where we see the best results: Social Media and Email.

Why do we use online marketing? 

  • Proven effectiveness
  • It’s where people spend their time online
  • Target specific audiences
  • Real-time components that allow us to monitor campaigns progress

These features allow us to create effective campaigns and manage their success. They also provide great data for us to analyze during and after our ads have run. The ability to see how our ads are performing in real time is essential to making all of our marketing efforts successful. 

We also implemented a layering strategy in order to hit our audiences harder when we knew we would have a hard time cutting through all of the noise that other retailers would be making on the Holiday Weekend. Working within the budget we had our Graphic Designer come up with an “Eye Spy” theme to utilize throughout the campaign. Designing and staging our shots from a “top-down” perspective allowed us to bring in elements of the holidays and of the spa, while simultaneously keeping it on trend. Each campaign was also tracked with a pixel that allows us to create a list of who’s clicking through each ad and then purchasing from our client’s websites. This allows us to use the customers on this list as an audience base for our clients future advertising.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Weekend Ads

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