Experience Oregon Website

Since 1991, Experience Oregon has been providing transportation services to the people of Oregon and beyond. Over the years, they’ve become well known for their day trips and tour services, with upwards of 100+ tours to choose from every year. With a large fleet that drives to varies destinations every day, you’ve likely seen one of their coaches somewhere around town. Their hiring process is quite extensive and they provide additional, extremely thorough training to all of their drivers, ensuring each is a master at the helm of any charter bus. Experience Oregon’s list of charter services includes providing transportation for schools, sports teams, corporate events, private group events, and more. Each time you travel with Experience Oregon, you're guaranteed to leave having experienced quality customer service and reliable transportation.

Our goals for the Experience Oregon website were to:

  • Build a responsive website that they would be able to update and maintain themselves
  • Design a professional website that catered to their charter customers, but did not stifle EO's adventurous spirit
  • Improve the website's navigation, making it easy and intuitive for visitors to find the information that matters most to them
  • Provide a streamlined online reservation system, minimizing the number of follow-up calls and the amount of paperwork
  • Make a landing page for them to drive more traffic to their charter services

The first step was simple; we took the text from embedded images on their existing website and typed it out. Using live text the is only viable way to create a responsive website. More importantly, live text is readable by search engines. This simple change drastically improves the website’s SEO.

Our designer developed a look that showcases the adventures that EO offers, as well as captures the peace of mind someone feels when they know they’re traveling with a reliable service. After defining the concept and getting it approved by the client, the design team got to work crafting the individual pages that would make up the website. Using terrain maps and photos of scenic destinations as design elements helps establish the adventurous aesthetic that Experience Oregon had wanted. Using a consistent color theme and clear hierarchy of information keeps the website looking professional and makes it easy to navigate through.

Soon after, the designs were passed over to our web developer. Using Squarespace to provide the framework, he overhauled a template to match the designs and placed all the content. The platform allows us to do an impressive amount of customization that other platforms just don't support. Beyond providing a secure framework, Squarespace's backend interface makes it easy for Experience Oregon to use and maintain their site after we launched it. 

We flushed out one of the more lacking sections on EO's old website: Charter Services. As one of the biggest revenue sources for the company, the new professional look and dedicated information allows them to more effectively call attention to their charter services and drive further growth in the business. Right after we launched the new website, Experience Oregon saw that they were gaining more inquiries and clients for the charter section of their business.

Before we redid the website, you had to call to make a reservation or even to make an inquiry about what services they offered. In this day and age that's a major turnoff for many on the internet, particularly new customers. We added pages to the website on which customers can fill out an inquiry or reservation forms online. This allows EO staff members to respond to inquiries from customers more quickly and efficiently, saving them a lot of paper and time. In addition, it makes it much easier for customers to sign up for an Experience Oregon service.

We would like to thank Experience Oregon for the opportunity to showcase their wonderful company to all of Oregon’s travelers. We look forward to seeing where they end up in the future.