Fiber Project Launch Party

The Miner building was one of the first buildings in Downtown Eugene to get hooked up to the open access fiber optic network that EUGnet has worked so hard to supply. At the Fiber Project Launch Party we celebrated, as EUGnet moves forward with its plan to construct the publicly owned fiber optic network that will connect over 120 buildings in Downtown Eugene to world-class Internet. The fiber optic cables that run through our building are capable of supplying incredibly fast Internet speeds. The fiber Internet in Downtown Eugene now has the capability of operating at speeds of up to 10 Gbps. This kind of Internet speed is so fast that someone could download all of The Beatles’ albums in less than 12 seconds.

At the celebration, they marked the historic moment in our building’s newly renovated lobby. 

Working with these kinds of Internet speeds enables us to be a more productive agency. While we may not have some of the staffing that other big name agencies in San Francisco and Seattle have, we are still turning out comparable amounts of work as those agencies. Revolution Design Group is first and foremost a creative design agency. Every day we work in programs and with files that require a great deal of Internet bandwidth. Being able to download 1 Gbps vs. 18.2 Mbps allows us to download the files we need to work on and to complete our projects faster. This enables us to keep our project timelines down and to deliver finished projects to our clients efficiently and effectively.

When considering whether or not to make The Miner Building our home, the new Fiber Internet speed was one of the features that won us over. Having access to this Internet has enabled us to not only produce quality work more efficiently, but to collaborate with our neighbors at Attic Media and Prevedello & Hettick Marketing more. This collaboration has allowed us to provide our clients with access to comprehensive marketing and design solutions. From design, video production editing, media buying, and advertising services, the sixth floor of The Miner Building offers it all. With each of our agencies working from the same world-class Internet, our productivity is high, our collaborative relationships are strong, and our clients’ businesses are growing.

We’re thankful to be a part of these exciting steps our city is taking to make Eugene a technology hub. Working with organizations like The Technology Association of Oregon in the Southern Willamette Valley and our new neighbors XS Media, has been exciting to say the least. We can’t wait to see how EUGnet’s efforts will help our city grow.


Seth Revoal

Revoalution & Internet Marketing Arts, 1416 Willamette Street, Eugene, Or 97401, United States