Event Advertising - The Mckenzie Cider and Craft Brew Festival

Every year we work with an organization that focuses on giving back to the community. We’re lucky enough to live in an area that has a reputation for good beer, so it only made sense to get involved with an event that combined a few of our favorite things: good beer, good causes, and good people.

What: The Mckenzie Cider and Craft Brew Festival
Where: Springfield, Oregon
When: Every November
Who: The Springfield Rotary Club
Why: To donate to Charity 

The Mckenzie Cider and Craft Brew Festival event brought in 15 percent more attendees this year than it did last year, allowing them to support more charitable causes. Due to the increase in attendees this year, the Springfield Rotary Club was able to give 25,000 dollars to the Willamalane Foundation and to the Gateway High School “Tiny House” project. Throughout our advertising efforts they gained 14 percent more likes, gaining recognition and credibility for their event’s name. 

We started working on their social media campaign a couple of months before the brewfest, allowing enough time for their social media to generate buzz about the event. We used social media as a platform to inform people about the event. We used targeted ads to reach the people that mattered most. By identifying beer related interests and choosing to put the advertising dollars towards people who live in our area, we were able to make the advertising budget go much further than if we had just mass marketed to everyone in Eugene.

We also used Social Media to get the most advertising impressions possible. With so many other  beer festivals going on around the same time, we knew we had to make this one stand out. One of our tactics was to effectively get their name out through interesting content on Social Media that people would share. We curated content that would be appealing to the average brew festival goer so that they would, in turn, share our content with their friends. This allowed others, who didn’t follow The Mckenzie Cider and Craft Brew Festival’s social media account to event hear the festival’s name. This brand recognition allowed the festival to become a name that people recognized and in turn become a more favorable option when people were deciding which brew festival event to attend. 

If you’d like to learn more about how we used social media as a promotional tool, feel free to ask us. We’d love to work with you on promoting your business or upcoming event.