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From Concept to Shelf

A product needs to sell itself. Companies rarely have the opportunity to be the touchpoint for every buyer’s experience. With online shopping, and retail stores with tens of thousands of products, your product relies on packaging that is optimized for the retail environment in which it competes. We provide packaging to dozens of companies for food, beverage, home goods, cosmetics, pet, pharmaceutical, and body care products. We know a good package is firmly rooted in equal parts design, communication, function & storytelling. We help you take your product from concept to shelf.

Updated Nutrition Facts Panels

Learn the facts

This year, the FDA updated the Nutrition Label requirements in an effort to make it easier for consumers to select healthy foods. The four main changes are a refreshed design, updates to nutrition science, updated serving sizes, and new labeling requirements for certain packages.

We can assist in updating your packaging to comply with the revised requirements.

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Package Design

Brings Brands to Life
Define your story

Brands need a cohesive brand language to successfully communicate in the retail marketplace. The brand experience is no longer limited to the interaction within the store, or even to the messaging being pushed out through traditional media. Now, branding is an integrated multimedia experience. Brands that understand the importance of integration in design, and create cohesive touchpoints for consumers to experience their brands across multiple channels, will find long-term success.

Millennials are adding another layer to the mix. They strongly prefer brands with a purpose and history of giving back to a cause.

The huge growth in mobile usage across all demographics is elevating the consumer expectation for an authentic brand experience, both online and in store.

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Federal GMO Labeling Bill

Changes ahead

The bill directs the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to begin the process of “deciding what exactly food manufacturers will be required to label.” It will be up to USDA to define which ingredients count as “genetically modified ingredients” for the purposes of the law. The agency is scheduled to complete this process within two years.

This bill overrides state-level legislation. Its purpose is to allow consumers to know whether GMO ingredients are used in a product.

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