Social Media Trends

Extensive Consumer Targeting & Efficacy

The rise of social media has redefined the world of online marketing. The old adage “go where the customers are” has never been more true. Social media drives 1/3 of all referral traffic on the web. Consumer brands that are not taking advantage of social media are missing out on the largest marketing opportunity online.

Revolution Design Group can get you online with a variety of services designed to get you talking directly with your customers.

Power of Targeting

Data to drive ad strategy and ROI

Social media networks allow us to target consumers in ways never before possible. Do you want to advertise to affluent middle-aged women? No problem. How about only those who like cooking and golf? Can do. Who drive Subarus? Yep. Single zip code? Sure.

Save time and money. Let us help you get your message out to exactly the right people.

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Rise of Paid Ads

Reach your target

Over the past few years, Facebook has effectively transitioned from a free service for businesses to a paid one. With that being said, Facebook has greatly increased the capacity of marketers to reach highly targeted consumer groups with customized content. The cost is a fraction of other advertising formats and the available analytics and data are unmatched.

There is no other advertising channel that can match Facebook’s combination of efficiency, cost effectiveness, targeting, and results reporting.

We can handle everything from concept generation and creation to placement, management, and evaluation.

Tell us who you want to reach and what your budget is, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Role in Customer Experience

Social Selling

With social media, we can do more than just gather impressions. Through thoughtful content planning and message-driven advertising, we can fundamentally change the way consumers experience a product. When a brand that people enjoy provides content they value, advertising becomes sharing and loyalty becomes passion.

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The Jolly Blue Giant

Business Facebook

Facebook has 1.6 Billion active users and is the #1 site in every country on Earth except China (#2).

In the U.S., the average person spends over 35 minutes on Facebook. Worldwide, that number jumps to 50 minutes per day.

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