Web Trends

From Idea to Screen

In today’s marketplace, a strong web presence is a must for any consumer brand. Customers expect to be able to engage, research, and share their experiences in a variety of ways. Revolution Design Group specializes in helping our clients translate great brands to the web.

We can help you build your website from the ground up, or update established online brands using best practices and the experience that comes with launching 20 websites a year. We help great brands tell their story to the world.

Responsive Web Design for Mobile

Start Small

The majority of web traffic today is mobile. Most modern websites see around half of their traffic from mobile devices or tablets. We build sites that are designed to look and work great on any device. Text gets bigger. Windows resize. Content is optimized. And it all happens instantly. The result is that users and search engines love our sites.

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3rd Party Platforms & Website Services

Tools for Success

The past 3 years have seen the rise of fully-hosted services like Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace, and others. These services provide an ideal platform for developers to build highly complex websites with advanced features in less time than ever before.

These services provide back-end access for clients to update and maintain their own content, while allowing our developers to create highly polished custom sites.

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Customized & Secure E-commerce Website Platforms

Never Play Host Again

E-commerce is more accessible than ever before. Services like Shopify and BigCommerce have put enterprise-level e-commerce solutions within reach of all businesses.

Revolution Design Group builds custom websites based in these robust, secure platforms to create advanced online stores with a feature set unimaginable a few years ago. Better yet, these services handle all hosting, security, credit card processing, server maintenance, and monitoring. This saves money and provides protection for online stores and their customers.

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