Welcome to Our New Home

After much anticipation, we have finally moved into our new office space!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for supporting our business over the last six of years. We’ve gone from operating out of a 6'x6' breakfast nook to finally having a spacious and permanent home on the sixth floor of the Miner Building. While moving into our new space at the beginning of this month, it dawned on us that it was only fitting that we finally moved in during a month centered around thankfulness. As we put the finishing details on our space, we can’t help but think about how grateful we are for the opportunity to work with all of our amazing clients and staff. It’s people like you that have made this dream, and space, a reality.


Each year, Revolution Design Group has grown by over 30 percent and 2016 has been no exception. We hired a full-time Designer and a full-time Digital Marketing Specialist to help us keep up with our ever-growing workload. We’re making waves by turning traditional advertising on its head, and we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. After realizing how far we’ve come and how far we still want to go, we knew that we needed a space that would be reflective of Revolution Design Group's future.

With what seemed to be a stroke of good luck and great timing, we discovered that The Miner Building, one of the oldest buildings in Eugene, was getting ready to undergo a serious renovation. After speaking with Tim Campbell, of Campbell Commercial Real Estate, and learning about what the investment group was planning to do with the building, we became set on becoming a part of this building's future. Soon after, we got to work on figuring out how we were going to call this place ours.

In late 2015, the renovations for our new home began. We spent a lot of time planning exactly how we wanted our new space to look and no detail was left up to chance. We owe a huge "thank you!" to Pivot Architecture who helped us designed our space. Their expertise was essential in helping us make sure that our space was going to reflect exactly what we wanted and needed as a company. We owe another huge "thank you!" to Ordell Construction and their subcontractors for their tireless work in renovating a 95 year old building. From the yellow accent walls to the faux edison light bulbs placed in every light fixture, they helped us put together the exact home we had envisioned.

After nearly a year of renovations, the wait was finally over. As of November 1, our new office space is complete and we are proud to announce that we have moved in. It feels great to finally be in a place that we can truly call our own. So, make sure to come on by and see our new place for yourself. We would be more than happy to give you the grand tour of Revolution Design Group and treat you to the excellent view from the 6th floor.