Contessa’s homeopathic remedy has been one of the most popular female tonics in Germany for over 60 years. Contessa seeks to promote well-being by using all-natural ingredients that work together to balance hormonal functions. 

When Contessa came to us with visions of a new website, it was clear the new site needed match the established aesthetic that people associated with Contessa. Equally important was ensuring their online presence explained the benefits of homeopathic remedies while the site remained inviting to the women it sought to educate.

We thematically used Contessa’s soothing colors to bring the classic aesthetic of its bottle label to the canvas of a modern website. The different pages of the website describe the benefits of Contessa’s ingredients and address some of the common questions people have about the tonic. The overall design emphasizes the natural ingredients and how they work to restore internal balance using the body's natural chemistry.

The site is built on Squarespace’s SEO-optimized web authoring platform. We tailored the framework to deliver our custom designs while maintaining Squarespace’s responsive functionality across all devices and user-friendly content management system.