FamilyCare Health

FamilyCare Health began in 1984 and has supported the health of Oregonians through innovative systems that increase access to care and quality while lowering costs. They serve more than 115,000 Oregon residents. 

FamilyCare Health needed a site that could handle a significant amount of traffic – nearly one million unique visits per year. They also needed to follow all governmental compliances and provide a means of enrolling in a range of plans. 

We designed a site that doesn’t just handle the large influx of users it receives on a daily basis, but also integrates web applications to guarantee an easy and secure enrollment for programs like Medicare. 

The site was built from scratch using ExpressionEngine’s general-purpose content management system. This flexible platform supports custom page and field types with many plugins available to further customize a site’s functionality. ExpressionEngine is best suited for websites with high traffic, lots of content, and custom needs. As we do for all EE sites, we integrated Bootstrap into the build to enable a dynamic, responsive design on all devices.