Heleka is a New Hampshire-based producer of handcrafted soaps and skin care products. They approached us looking for help in rebranding and packaging their collection of products.

The first step in this process was to develop a brand that communicates the care, quality, and tradition with which their products are produced. Their formulations feature only the highest quality botanicals, oils, and butters. Because they produce everything in micro-batches, the quality and attention to detail is striking. The new brand had to communicate this - the marriage of time-honored techniques, obsessive attention to quality and detail, and premium ingredients. 

Having established the brand, we rolled out new packaging for their soaps, lotions, and moisturizing creams. For their soaps, this involved the production of a custom soap stamp and a carton that displays the resultant logo mark through a precisely located front panel cut-out. All of this was done with an awareness of their micro-batch volume. Every carton and label was produced using manufacturers that specialize in custom solutions for low-volume production runs.

Showcasing Heleka's New Hampshire roots, we produced unique packaging for their the Lilac Artisan Soap and Hand & Body Lotion. These pieces feature Lilac, the state flower, and one of the geographic landmarks for which New Hampshire is best known, the Old Man of the Mountain.