Peace Cereal

Peace Cereal delivers great taste from great ingredients, offering an assorted variety of cereal and granola products. Attune Foods, the parent company of Peace Cereal, needed to update the look and functionality of Peace’s web presence as part of a comprehensive undertaking to bring their brands’ websites up to modern standards.

We designed a responsive layout that features all of Peace Cereal’s products. The organization is similar to that of the other Attune Foods websites, but the aesthetic is undeniably Peace Cereal. Each individual product has its own page with detailed product information, providing consumers and distributors everything they need to know about the quality that goes into each product.

Our print division works closely with Attune Foods in the branding and packaging design for all their brands, including Peace Cereal. Beyond having direct access to all the brand and design assets, we have an intimate knowledge of where the brands have come from and what makes them special and unique. The result is a coherent style and aesthetic between what people see on the shelf and online.

The site is built on Squarespace’s SEO-optimized web authoring platform. We tailored the framework to deliver our custom designs while maintaining Squarespace’s responsive functionality across all devices and user-friendly content management system.