Social Media

We were one of the first in our market to offer social media account management for businesses. Great social media is really about understanding people. With the largest databases of consumer data and interests the world has to offer, social media is a gold mine for targeting and reaching customers with products and services. Why blanket entire regions with a one-size-fits-all approach when you can identify, target, segment, and attract the people who would actually use your products and services? Social media has leveled the playing field, enabling small and midsize businesses to have extensive networks of fans and support online. It has funded Kickstarter projects, launched brands, sold products, shared services, and generally engaged the world on a level never seen before. We are experts at matching clients with the appropriate social media channels, finding and targeting the right audience, and building engagement for fans.

We work with global, national, and local brands to build comprehensive social media experiences for businesses and their customers. Each social media channel has a purpose and target market. The effectiveness of each social media channel for your business depends on the type of product or service you offer, advertising, content, and integrated online marketing efforts.

We work with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest as primary social media channels. Most businesses choose to start with Facebook and then branch out to other channels as marketing objectives grow.

Getting Started

When you contact us, you’ll be directed to the person who does the work. We don’t have account representatives or “handlers.” We simply hire great people that can work directly with clients. If you’re a new client, you’ll speak with the lead person in the social media and online marketing division. We’ll discuss your business, goals, project, budget, and timelines. If you share our core values and we think we’re a good fit we’ll provide estimates for creating a social media strategy and overall account management by platform.

Our services include:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Integration of multiple social media accounts
  • Content sourcing and development
  • Photography for social media
  • Post writing
  • Scheduling
  • Customer account management
  • Special contest and promotion creation
  • Insight Analytic Data

If you decide to move forward, we’ll arrange for delivery of important assets like your logo kit, brand standards, and native design files for creating social media account graphics – if they exist. We’ll provide a quote for each social media channel you are interested in pursuing, complete with a list of deliverables. Upon approval, we start generating content two weeks before the beginning of the next month. We’ll create a content plan, get photography, write posts, create accounts, schedule posts, and monitor the accounts. Prices vary depending on services required and advertising fees. Give us a call or shoot us an email to start the process and see where the Revolution takes you.



Cutting Edge Illusions

Cutting edge illusions is a high-end motorcycle and vehicle graphic company that provides custom painting to clients around the world. We created and have managed the Cutting Edge Illusions Facebook page from the start. With a social media strategy in place we've grown the group to over 40,000 fans and continue to drive promotions, showcase projects, and build a loyal community for Cutting Edge Illusions. Typical ad campaigns reach an audience of between 30 and 50 thousand views per ad.

Many of our social media clients become website clients. Take a look at the website we developed for Cutting Edge Illusions and visit their community.

Cutting Edge Illusion - Page Like Campaigns. 2014

Post 1 - Reached 390,000 people; 12,300+ likes; 3,000 shares.
Post 2 - Reached 65,000 people; 2,500+ likes; 400+ shares.

Ad 1 - Reached 41,132 targeted Facebook users. 7,422 users took action on the ad. Added 1, 776 new page likes.
Ad 2 - Reached 56,399 targeted Facebook users. 12,000 users took action on the ad. The campaign added 2,575 new page likes.

The Pearl Day Spa

The Pearl Day Spa is an urban day spa in the heart of Eugene, Oregon. Since 2012, we've worked with The Pearl on a multiple fronts. After establishing The Pearl's online presence and ecommerce infrastructure, we've run their Holiday advertising and online gift certificate sales. We use a combination of social media, email campaigns, and print advertising to drive sales through the website we built for them.

To date: online gift certificate sales have increased 840%. Take a look at the website we developed for The Pearl Day Spa and visit their community.